On a bright and sunny day

Hello all!

I had a wonderful day today! I slept in, went job hunting and then had time to peruse in a bookstore! Lovely! It was bright and sunny and I enjoyed getting out and driving.

It was so relaxing in the bookstore. That is where I feel most comfortable and at ease. Being one with all the books and looking at the titles and all the different shapes and sizes and textures. I love the smell : kind of musty and old. Comforting. It just makes me want to grab a cup of tea and just inhale.

The drive home was also nice. I listened to NPR All Things Considered and just absorbed the news. I like to learn things by listening to the news. I would say I am almost an information junkie. : )

For the evening I plan on cooking and watching Peter Lorre films on my favorite station TCM.


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