Love your energy and you sound exactly like me! Except I live in American but want to live in England!

It turns out something unexpected happens when 20,000 people read your blog in one day.

You panic.

Because, for all you knew, you were meeting a few friends for coffee, and then twice the population of your hometown showed up at Starbucks.

But here’s what I’m thinking: I’m me whether 20 people are witnessing it, or 20,000.  And I kind of like me.

So if you showed up to my coffee date, I’d love for you to stay.  Sit down on a cushy leather sofa.  Huddle in with a hot drink, and let’s talk.

I’ll go first.

My name’s Faith.  I’m American, but I live in England.  I’m in a really happy, hard-working marriage, and I’ve got a little boy who makes me laugh out loud every day.  I love writing and photography, comfort food, sweet tea, and strong coffee.  I get way too excited about old episodes of Everybody…

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