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Our patients were generally very sensitive to inclement weather and often refused to leave the unit even if it was only lightly raining on a spring morning. There would be a major problem indeed if ‘bad’ weather coincided with a patient’s regular arrangement to visit a relative or the shops, because a compulsion would then be blocked by a phobia. The only solution sometimes was to book a taxi, and smuggle the patient out of the door with an old mackintosh over their head, as though they were a celebrity leaving the High Court. One lady was completely obsessed with the weather, spending long periods ruminating over the forecasts, gazing out of the windows, and getting extremely angry if it “took a turn for the worse”.
Being in England, she was generally apoplectic……

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Literature, Life, & Lattes

So why Literature, Life, and Lattes? Because I feel these three themes best sum up what this blog will be about: books and everything to do with the world of books; from the words and grammar used to create a book, to the authors and editors who write and proofread a book, to the table where you sit and latte you sip while reading a book.

It’s an extensive realm, this world of books, and encompasses a lot, but I love books and reading and writing and style and design and editing and translating and coffee and…well, the list can on for a while, but these are all topics I want to write about and share, so here it is, I present to you: Literature, Life, and Lattes.

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Having trouble getting anybody to visit your blog? Do you get more spam than actual page views? You’re posting well-crafted prose, beautiful poetry or scathingly brilliant ideas on your pages, yet nobody visits them but your sister. You send out e-mail notices of new posts to all your friends, relatives and colleagues (when appropriate), and you even have a few followers who’ve signed up for automatic notices of new posts. You comment on other blogs and dutifully add “tags” to your posts to “optimize” your search engine position, like the self-proclaimed experts tell you to do. But still, visitors are few and far between, and [legit] commenters even fewer.

Except for that one page. If it weren’t for Vickie Newton, my blog would have no visitors at all on most days. My most-visited page is my article about Vickie Newton [see]. That page — featuring a three-and-a-half-year-old story…

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This week went fairly well.  Although I definitely ate more than I did last week (therefore losing less weight), I felt better overall about my energy level.  I started swimming again this week (challenging, but nice and refreshing), and am going tomorrow morning at 7 am–thats the way to kick off a weekend!

my “life-savers” this week:

–orbit wintermint gum

–fresh pink lady apples

–chobani greek yogurt (peach or raspberry)

–reading the play Oedipus Res (Sophocles) was for school, but it was a superb distraction from other daily woes

–my sisters jeans (a few sizes bigger than my own…)

tonight i am disappointed because i definitely over ate.  I just didn’t feel like caring.

its a friday.

but i need to find other ways to let out my “footloose and fancy free” friday attitude.

here are a few ideas:

–movie night (with a pack of gum and a bottle of…

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Hopping Hadrian's Wall

Hi everybody!

It’s been a very unusual few days.  This blog has received way more attention than ever before.  I’m still figuring out how to work with it and keep up.  Almost half of my all time hits on the blog have happened in the past two days.  The number of subscribers has tripled.  If you’re one of the many new readers, I’d like to formally welcome you to this conversation!

I use this place for posting my sermons, funny/witty/inspiring pictures from Facebook, expressing the occasional thought that hitchhikes through my brain, and promoting the work of friends and thinkers who I admire.  It began as a reflection on an inner-city chaplaincy program that I started a few years ago, but has since morphed into something else.  I’m open to requests for topics, hosting guest bloggers and reblogging interesting stuff from other sites, so if there’s something you’d like to…

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Serendipitous Perspectives

I want to bolt to the shops, I’m out of chai latte. Early afternoon and the days pleasantly moving forward. I’ve been up since 6am, reading, blogging and of course thinking … or is it that I’m running my life’s dialogue as I journey through my day. Well that’s interesting … I realise I’m running the dialogue of every moment in my day .. consciously aware of everything I’m doing, sensing, feeling and experiencing and I smile to myself … for I realise I am now truly experiencing what it is like to be ‘living in the now’ .. ‘being present’ … and its both a beautiful feeling to do so and a wonderful thing to realise I am actually doing so. My thinking is filled with what I’m doing and feeling and seeing … no longer is my mind filled with worry, fear, trepidation, critical analysis as it used…

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