Whimsey Pie

Ace celebrated his 11th birthday last weekend.  Now firmly entrenched in the tween years, he has left his childhood in the dust.  The fact that my baby is no longer even a little kid has thrown me for a loop.  Perhaps that’s why my thought life is taking a decidedly sentimental turn.  Memories of the kids when they were small – the adorable and idiosyncratic things they did, the funny words they said, and the soothing rituals we shared – keep popping into my brain unbidden and at the oddest moments.  While I don’t want to relive that particular period of my life (frankly, it was a lot of work), I’m certainly enjoying the warm fuzzies that come from remembering.

Some of the sweetest memories I have are wrapped up in reading together.  Snuggling with a picture book was wonderfully intimate and I especially looked forward to nap time and bedtime reading rituals.  Each of my children had their favorite types of books.  Lovey liked fairy tales, friendship…

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