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So ‘day 1’ which is in the reality of what I’ve been working out is actually a few weeks in has proven successful.
Decided that my diet had to be low card high protein with lots of veg to fill me up. So tomorrows menu consists of..
-Porridge to start my day with a cup of coffee.
-Chicken salad for lunch (no carbs) full of veg! Possibly with some egg!
-whole wheat pasta for dinner with again, plenty of veg.

However, I am going out tomorrow so I know for a fact I’ll over compensate. That’s okay though because being too strict usually results in failing.
I am also coaching most of the day at my job which means working with kids and in return, burning fat by running around! Result!

Keeping a food diary so I can keep an eye on my calories, no point in lying to myself!

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