Graffiti / 3D Art

Break the mold, crack the code, fracture the system, sever the flow.

Make a difference, change the routine, defy the odds, leave your mark. For once be yourself.

It’s repulsive that many of us mimic examples that pursue a less essential principle. I was once looked/talked down to because I wasn’t living up to standards that I proved I could live up to. It has forever altered a few relationships to the point of no repair. Obviously my fault I have lost these people that I held closer than the ribs to my heart. They were the very pulse that once gave the strength to forge through the most uncertain of times. The adrenaline that numbed me from the insignificant wounds life dealt to me. More loyal and dependable than anything your imagination could ever conger up. Immeasurable amounts of encouragement, and advice to correct my every circumstance. Tougher than…

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