Serendipitous Perspectives

I want to bolt to the shops, I’m out of chai latte. Early afternoon and the days pleasantly moving forward. I’ve been up since 6am, reading, blogging and of course thinking … or is it that I’m running my life’s dialogue as I journey through my day. Well that’s interesting … I realise I’m running the dialogue of every moment in my day .. consciously aware of everything I’m doing, sensing, feeling and experiencing and I smile to myself … for I realise I am now truly experiencing what it is like to be ‘living in the now’ .. ‘being present’ … and its both a beautiful feeling to do so and a wonderful thing to realise I am actually doing so. My thinking is filled with what I’m doing and feeling and seeing … no longer is my mind filled with worry, fear, trepidation, critical analysis as it used…

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