This week went fairly well.  Although I definitely ate more than I did last week (therefore losing less weight), I felt better overall about my energy level.  I started swimming again this week (challenging, but nice and refreshing), and am going tomorrow morning at 7 am–thats the way to kick off a weekend!

my “life-savers” this week:

–orbit wintermint gum

–fresh pink lady apples

–chobani greek yogurt (peach or raspberry)

–reading the play Oedipus Res (Sophocles)..it was for school, but it was a superb distraction from other daily woes

–my sisters jeans (a few sizes bigger than my own…)

tonight i am disappointed because i definitely over ate.  I just didn’t feel like caring.

its a friday.

but i need to find other ways to let out my “footloose and fancy free” friday attitude.

here are a few ideas:

–movie night (with a pack of gum and a bottle of…

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