Brand NEW Key Word Symbol Pages Are Here!

Precept Camden

If you are an inductive Bible study student, then you know that marking key words in the text is an important tool. (If you are not familiar with the inductive Bible study method, click here for a free download that will get you started.) I always tell my students that the point of marking the text (the Bible) is not to create a pretty picture; the point is to engage you with the text, to help you slow down and read with purpose, and to dig out the truth for yourself. You can use different colors to mark different words, but it won’t be long before you will simply run out of colors in your box of pencils. And with so many colors, recognizing the color code at a glance may be difficult. Another way to use the tool of marking key words is to use colors and symbols. You…

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For The Love of Books

Ah, the summer season is upon us once again. Time for flip flops and long summer days. Summer also brings to mind summer reading lists and clubs at the library. Beach reads and long novels beckon me to get a lounge chair and a tall icy glass of lemonade. As expected I have already compiled my summer reading list expectantly. What’s on your summer reading list? Here is a sampling of what’s on my list.

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